What is the price per squarefoot to build?

Everything we build is custom.  No two houses are ever alike.  We have constructed homes between $200.00 per foot and as much as $1,000.00 per foot depending upon your vision.  Call us to learn more about what drives the costs in architecture and building.


Do you have models or floorpans we can see?

Every Kirschner home is unique and designed specifically to meet your family's needs.  Our preferred architects and custom designers are available to meet with you and discuss your dreams.


Do I need to get multiple bids?

The best projects are those in which the builder and architect work together with the homeowner from the start to design a home that meets a specific budget.


How do I pick a builder?

It is important to ask a potential builder these questions:  "Have you ever been sued?",  "Have you ever been fired from a job?",  "Have you ever had a lein put on one of your projects?".  Ask for references from their most recent three customers.  It is also a wise idea to speak to subcontractors regarding your builder's reputation on the job.   Kirschner Construction is proud of our reputation among our subcontractors and our long list of happy clientele.